Senate Banking Committee Slow to Take Up Transit Portion of Transpo Bill

By Tanya Snyder at StreetsBlog USA

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has unanimously passed the highway portion of a six-year transportation bill. The Commerce Committee has done its work on the rail and safety portion. The Finance Committee has the hardest job, the one that’s flummoxed Capitol Hill for six years now, but it’s held a hearing on transportation funding and Committee Chair Orrin Hatch says he’s confident they’ll get it done. But it’s the Banking Committee, with jurisdiction over transit, that’s the least far along with its work to complete a transportation bill.


Statement on FY 2016 Budget Signing

Transportation for Massachusetts commends Governor Baker for his swift action in appointing and swearing in the members of the MBTA Fiscal Management and Control Board, just moments after the FMCB was established through his signing of the FY2016 state budget. 


Statement on FY 2016 State Budget

Today, the House and Senate voted to send the final FY2016 legislative budget to Governor Baker. Transportation for Massachusetts thanks the Conferees and the Legislature as a whole for their hard work throughout a complex budget process.


Keep the Change: Why We Still Need to Cap MBTA Fare Hikes

By Kristina Egan and Tony Dutzik

(Originally published at MASSterList)

The debate over Gov. Baker’s proposed MBTA overhaul has been loud and often heated. Supporters and opponents have taken to the airwaves – and even the streets – with vigorous arguments about privatization, union rights and governance of the agency.

One part of the governor’s plan, though, has attracted less attention: the proposed lifting of the two-year-old cap on MBTA fare hikes. 


Take Action to Support Transportation!

The state legislature is now considering Governor Baker's MBTA reform legislation. The bill goes beyond the MBTA, and involves all transportation, in communities all across the commonwealth.  Whether you take the T, drive, ride a regional bus, walk or cycle, this legislation matters to you. Please take action today to ask your State Representative and House leaders to support key priorities. 

As we have learned over the years, transportation investment matters to everyone: workers and businesses. Boston and the Berkshires. Cyclists and walkers, truckers and drivers, students and professionals.  If you live or work in Massachusetts, you have a reason to take action on this legislation.


Statement on Joint Transportation Committee MBTA Redraft

Transportation for Massachusetts thanks the Joint Committee on Transportation for continuing the important process of MBTA reform initiated by Governor Baker, while maintaining vital funding for the MBTA and statewide transportation, preserving responsible fare increases for MBTA riders, and providing new budgeting tools for Regional Transit Authorities.  


Welcome to Charlie Ticotsky, Advocacy Director

After an exhaustive search with many qualified candidates, Transportation for Massachusetts is pleased to announce the hiring of Charlie Ticotsky as our new Advocacy Director, effective Wednesday, July 8. 


Why Massachusetts’s business leaders want walkable downtowns

Attracting talent, fostering creativity, and building brand among factors outined in new national survey

Hundreds of American companies, including dozens in Massachusetts, see unique competitive advantages to being located in a walkable downtown neighborhood. These locations are helping companies attract and retain talented workers, build their brand and corporate identity, support creative collaboration, be closer to partners, consolidate operations, and support triple-bottom line business outcomes.


Putting Legacy First: Planning for the Boston 2024 Olympics

A new report released today outlines that Boston’s Olympic bid offers a unique opportunity to create new neighborhoods, build more housing, improve transportation infrastructure, generate short- and long-term jobs, and increase tourism in the Boston region. But the report says this can happen only if Boston 2024, the Commonwealth, the City of Boston, and neighboring municipalities establish a coordinated planning process that focuses on the “legacy impacts” of the Games – the long-term, regional benefits that will last beyond 2024. 

The report was issued jointly by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance (MSGA), and Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA). 


Tell Your Legislators to Keep MBTA Fares Affordable and Preserve Statewide Transportation Funding

The debate around fixing the MBTA continues on Beacon Hill, with members of the House and Senate meeting this month to reach a compromise. Please call your State Representative and State Senator today and leave this simple message:

Please keep MBTA fares affordable and preserve funding for the statewide transportation system as well as the MBTA. 


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