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Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) is a diverse coalition of more than 70 member and partner organizations with a stake in improving transportation across the Commonwealth. Our coalition advocates at the state, federal, and local levels for transportation policies that are innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. We want a transportation system that strengthens our economy and our communities, while also being safer, healthier, more affordable and reliable. You can read more about our priorities here.

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    T4MA Offers Policy Solutions for Progress

    With Massachusetts residents burdened with a multitude of both short-term and long-term transportation problems -- from MBTA derailments to the nation’s worst traffic congestion -- the Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) coalition has outlined a series of strategic initiatives, including a 25-cent increase in the state’s gas tax, and urged policymakers to act on the problems with a sense of urgency. We have also released a complementary document that proposes additional policies and recommendations to make our policy proposals more progressive overall.
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    Federal Transportation Policy Update

    A significant portion of transportation spending in Massachusetts relies on federal dollars, which support roads, bridges, MBTA, RTAs, and more. It is essential for Massachusetts, and every state, that federal dollars continue coming in. However, federal funding for transportation largely supports roads, rather than transit, walking, and biking. Advocates that care about sustainable transportation must look for ways to push Congress to do better. Transportation contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector, with levels continuing to rise, so a bill of this scale should prioritize lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing vehicle-miles traveled, while focusing on maintenance of existing road and bridge assets over expansions.
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