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October 07, 2015

Make your voice heard on state and federal transportation investments!

MassDOT has announced a series of 16 public forums starting October 19 for you to weigh in on the upcoming five year capital investment plan, which will include maintenance and capacity investments for all transit, cycling, pedestrian, roadway and bridge projects.  

The USDOT, at the federal level, has also scheduled a forum in Boston on October 14 to take public input on their Beyond Traffic report, a vision for 2045.

State investments

The MassDOT Capital Conversations tour will run from October 19 to November 5. See the flyer to find a forum near you. We encourage you to let MassDOT know what transportation investments are most important to you.

The five-year Capital Investment Plan, which will emerge from this tour, will be constrained by available revenue and will also use new MassDOT Project Selection criteria, such as social equity, public health, climate, environmental and regional equity as factors in selecting which investments are funded. 

Our coalition supports improved efficiencies and other reforms to ensure every public dollar is spent efficiently and to rebuild public confidence in our transportation agencies.  Building a 21st century agency will help us build a 21st century transportation system. 

Both reforms and new investments are needed to ensure our economy can prosper and everyone has access to opportunity.  Our coalition is also committed to ensuring public transportation remains affordable, and we support the legislature’s policy to limit MBTA fare increases to 5% every two years. 

Please make a plan to speak at a Capital Conversations forum near you, and let us know if you are attending and what you want to say! You can also participate online from October 19 through November 5: click here, or send an email.

National policy

At the national level, Boston is hosting one of 11 forums in the Beyond Traffic series to help inform the USDOT about key transportation trends and policy considerations. All are encouraged to attend and join in on the discussion! 

Sign up here to attend on Wednesday, October 14, from 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. at Agganis Arena (The Club Room), 925 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. The Boston Beyond Traffic forum is hosted by Mayor Walsh. 


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