MBTA fare cap: settled, at last

The Governor recently signed House Bill 4492, which ensures that no individual MBTA fare will increase by more than 7%, and fare increases are limited to once every two years. This new law, passed as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 budget, covers every fare product, including monthly passes.


Thank you, Kristina Egan

For five years, Kristina Egan has been a respected, effective and visionary leader to create a new transportation future for Massachusetts. We have been honored to work with her and wish her success in her new role as the Executive Director of the Greater Portland Council of Governments.


Well-balanced, not quite future ready: the new Capital Investment Plan for Transportation

By Charlie Ticotsky

The state has a new, draft plan for transportation. The five-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP) includes highways, MBTA, regional transit authorities, bike and pedestrian projects, airports, and the RMV.  Putting it together was a big undertaking that MassDOT started back in the fall of 2015. The plan will likely be approved on June 22, with revisions in the years to come.


Let's stand up for transit riders

Public transportation is essential to everyone in Massachusetts. Whether we personally ride it or not, a statewide public transit network is important to our economy, to opportunity, to the environment and to healthy lives.


FY2017 Senate Budget Through a Transportation Lens

Today marks the beginning of Senate debate on the FY2017 budget. The House developed its budget last month. Below, we take a look at transportation-related items in the draft budget and amendments that have been filed by Senators. This blog will be updated as debate progresses.

There are 1167 amendments that the Senate will consider this week, before approving a budget, which a Conference Committee will refine before it is voted by both chambers and sent on to the Governor for consideration. 



Forward progress, unmet needs: comments on the Capital Investment Plan

On May 13, our coalition submitted a comment letter to the MassDOT Board and the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board with our perspective on the draft Capital Investment Plan.

Comments on the Draft FY2017-2021 CIP 

May 13, 2016

On behalf of Transportation for Massachusetts, a coalition of 58 member organizations dedicated to improving transportation across the Commonwealth, I am pleased to submit comments on the draft five-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP). Our coalition’s staff and member organizations have participated in the public meetings over the past month and look forward to seeing the final approved CIP later this month. 


Kristina Egan to step down in July

Transportation for Massachusetts, a statewide coalition that supports a modern, statewide transportation network, today announced that Kristina Egan, who has served as executive director since 2011, will be leaving the organization, following her appointment as the Executive Director of the Greater Portland Council of Governments, effective July 17, 2016.


GLX and Statewide Vision

The Green Line Extension (GLX) vote on May 9 by the MassDOT Board and the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board was a milestone for this important project. Though there are still many remaining steps, including the need to fund the whole project to Route 16 and a complete community path extension, it appears that we are moving toward a responsible, funded plan for this legally mandated and essential transportation link. 


GLX: The Cure for Avoidable Congestion Disorder

As published in the Medford Transcript

The Boston area is famous for its world-class medical facilities. But we don’t need a doctor to tell us that we have a clogged artery that’s affecting the health of the region.

It’s called I-93, and it’s congested with cars. Lots of them.


FY2017 House Budget: Transportation Issues

Much of the current focus on transportation policy is at MassDOT and the MBTA, with the consideration of the 5-year plan to invest in transportation projects. But this week, the House of Representatives will consider its Fiscal Year 2017 budget with many line items and amendments that will affect transportation across the state. (We will update this page as the week continues)



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