Welcome to the Baker Administration

Transportation for Massachusetts looks forward to the leadership of the Charlie Baker Administration. Our priorities are shared in The Next MassDOT, a summary of recommendations to keep the commonwealth moving forward.


Innovative Planning for a Connected Future

Excellence in planning is vital to our success as a commonwealth and a country. Recognizing this, our national partner, Transportation for America, has recently published The Innovative MPO: Smart Planning, Strong Communities.


Statement on Ballot Question 1

In approving Question 1 on November 4, we are disappointed that Massachusetts has lost an important funding source that would have helped to build and maintain a safe and reliable transportation system across the Commonwealth. We are proud of the legislature for taking last year’s courageous vote to provide needed funding after years of delayed investment.


Vote No on Question 1 to Remove Barriers for People with Disabilities

By Chris Hart, Christine Griffin and Valerie Fletcher

Here’s a statement that’s pretty obvious: getting around is important.

Whether you drive, walk, cycle, or ride a bus, train or subway, getting safely from place to place is fundamental. For people and freight, for workers and students, for seniors and for kids, we depend on transportation to live our lives.


Don’t Give Up Vital Transportation Funding

By Bonnie Biocchi and Joshua Ostroff

Guest Columnists in the MetroWest Daily News

(The following column was published on October 12, 2014: see original)

On Nov. 4, voters will choose a path that affects our roads, bridges, transit systems and economy. We urge you to vote No on ballot question 1.


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