Let's stand up for transit riders

June 10, 2016

Public transportation is essential to everyone in Massachusetts. Whether we personally ride it or not, a statewide public transit network is important to our economy, to opportunity, to the environment and to healthy lives.

Please contact your legislators to stand up for transit riders, those who use the MBTA and those who use bus services provided by Regional Transit Authorities all across Massachusetts. The FY 2017 state budget is going to a conference committee now, with two important sections where your voice will make a difference. 

  • The State Senate also voted overwhelmingly* to clarify that future fare increases for the MBTA should be at a 5% maximum biannual level. Higher fare increases - like the nearly 10% fare shock that kicks in July 1 - will add to roadway congestionharm lower income riders and decrease T ridershipClick here to tell your legislators to keep fares fair in the future.

Together, we will work to make all transportation better in Massachusetts. Thanks for taking a few minutes to make a difference!

* An email from our coalition mistakenly stated that the Senate had voted unanimously to support the 5% biannual fare cap; the vote was 34-5.


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