Massachusetts Needs Real Transportation Solutions

All across Massachusetts, we need solutions to our transportation challenges. We need safe, reliable, affordable, just and clean transportation to serve every resident in every community.

Learn more about some of the challenges we must overcome - and how we will succeed.

Nearly 700 bridges across Massachusetts are structurally deficient. We need long-term investments in transportation to ensure everyone across the state can safely get to where they need to go.

Click to learn more in MassBudget's 2022 report, A Bridge Too Far.

Underfunded regional transit authority (RTAs) buses serve 55% of Massachusetts residents. Massachusetts has fifteen RTAs providing more than 34 million rides a year.

Click to learn more in MASSPIRG's 2021 report, Increasing Regional Transit Across the Commonwealth.

Recent polling shows that 78% of Massachusetts residents view transportation systems in only ‘fair or poor’ condition.  There is strong support across the state for improving the condition of highways, roads, and bridges.

Click to learn more in MassINC Polling Group's 2022 poll on transportation.

The MBTA faces a $13 billion funding gap. From buses to rapid transit to commuter rail, we need sustainable funding to create reliable and safe service.

Click to learn more in Massachusetts Taxpayers Association's 2021 report, MBTA Finances Cast a Long, Red Shadow for Incoming Leaders.

Learn about the needs and solutions that are unique to rural communities in the Commonwealth at this Rural Policy Plan for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

For more reports and information on the needs of our transportation system head to T4MA's publications page

What you can you do

  • Ask your legislator and the next Governor to prioritize investments in safe, reliable, affordable, just and clean transportation.
  • Support investments in better transportation. At the ballot, and when you talk to your elected leaders: let them know you demand better transportation!
  • Register to vote! Deadline to register is October 29, 2022! Unsure if you’re registered to vote? You can find additional information and register to vote here

About T4MA

Transportation for Massachusetts is a statewide advocacy coalition working to deliver the modern transportation network we need to safeguard our future.


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