T4MA provides a library of Massachusetts transportation reports and studies. Many of the Commonwealth's transportation challenges are well documented.

The Paper Trail: Documenting Our Underfunded Transportation System, 2000-2022

FTA_Safety_083122.png ABC-Keeping_MBTA_On_Track.png 2021_RTA.png

FTA Safety Management Inspection Report, 2022

Keeping the MBTA on Track: Review of Prior Commitments

Advancing RTAs to Create a 21st-Century Transportation System in MA
FMCB-2020.png TNC_rural_transpo.png RTAs_and_FY21_budget.png
MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board 2020 Annual Report Supporting Rural Communities Through Clean Transportation Investments, August 2020 21st Century Transportation: RTAs and the FY21 State Budget
MBTA_Governance_and_Transformation.png MBTA_Safety_Review_Panel_120919.png rural_policy_commission_report.png
21st Century Transportation: MBTA Governance and Transformation MBTA Safety Review Panel Exec Summary, December 2019 Rural Policy Plan, October 2019
Congestion.png TransportKendall.png RTA_report_April_2019.png
Congestion in the Commonwealth 2019 Transport Kendall: Actions to Transform Mobility A Vision for the Future of Massachusetts’ Regional Transit Authorities
ABC-built_environment_2019.png FOTC_Volume_1.png FOTC_Volume_2.png
2019 A Better City Transportation Finance Update | Exec Summary  Future of Transportation Commission Report:
Vol. I (Recommendations)

Future of Transportation Commission Report:
Vol. II (Background)




T4MA Agenda for Transportation Reform and Revitalization

CLF: How Autonomous Vehicles Will Drive Our Budgets, July 2018

2018 MassDOT State Rail Plan

MassMoves.png KOT3.png
 Mass Moves: A Vision for the Commonwealth’s 21st-Century Transportation System | Executive Summary

 Keeping On Track: Our Third Progress Report on Reforming and Funding
Transportation, February 2017

Fast Forward: The Technology Revolution in Transportation and 
What it Means for Massachusetts 
Regional_Bus_Assessment.png  2016_procurement.png

Regional Bus Network
Assessment for
Rail & Transit Division

MBTA 2016 Annual 
Procurement Report
to the Legislature

TransitCenter - Who’s On Board 2016: What Today’s Riders Teach Us 
About Transit That Works

 PAMAC.png FMCB1stAnnualReport.png 

MassDOT 2017-2021
Capital Investment Plan

Performance and Asset Management
Advisory Council Report
January 2016

MBTA Fiscal and Management
Control Board, First Annual Report
December 2015

whatsatstake.png what_works.png

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation: Opportunities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

What's At Stake: How Decreasing Driving Miles in MA Will Save Lives,
Money, Injuries, and the
Environment, November 2015
What Works: Low-cost ways to encourage walking, biking and transit, November 2015
GLX-FMCB-082415.png brattle-group.png FRB_state_hwy_funding.png 

Green Line Extension
Update to MBTA FMCB,
August 2015 

Brattle Group Analysis of Boston 2024 Proposed Summer Olympics,
August 2015 - [Exec Summary]

Federal Reserve: State
Highway Funding
 in New England, August 2015 - [Technical Appendix]


Project_Selection_Criteria_070115.png Putting-Legacy-First.png

 MassDOT FY 2016 Capital
Investment Plan, June 2015

MassDOT Project Selection Criteria
Recommendations, July 2015 
 Putting Legacy First:
Planning for the Boston
2024 Olympics, June 2015




 MBTA Special Panel 
Report, April 2015
 The Route to Growth,
April 2015
 Keeping On Track,
February 2015



 The Next MassDOT,
January 2015 (summary)
Keeping On Track,
March 2014
 Delivering on the Promise,
March 2013



Reinventing Transit,
March 2013
The Cost of Doing Nothing,
January 2013
Hub and Spoke,
June 2012



Maxed Out,
October 2011
Do Roads Pay
for Themselves?,
January 2011
Blue Ribbon Summary
on Financing MBTA
and RTAs, January 2010
 MBTA__Review.png born_broke.png  TFC-reco.png 
 MBTA Review
("D'Allesandro Report"),
November 2009
Born Broke,
April 2009
Recommendations of the
Transportation Finance Commission,
September 2007



Reports Required by 2013 Finance Act:







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