2000 names. One broken system. Let's fix it together.

February 10, 2015

In just a few days, 2000 people signed our petition asking the state to fund safe and reliable transportation. FacebookTwitter, email, news stories and more are making the case that the MBTA was on the ropes long before the snow started falling.

The weather brought this failing system to a halt, and made people pay attention. Unprecedented system closures have made the point that we have a broken transportation system regardless of the weather.

Underfunded transportation is not just an MBTA issue. All across the state, people lack safe and reliable choices to get to work, school, home and live their daily lives. The biggest problem is an underfunded statewide transportation network that is decades out of date, and which risks our safety, our livelihood and our future.

The 2007 Transportation Finance Commission report made this clear. Our 2011 Maxed Out report spelled it out. And it is now up to every one of us to drive home the message: let's fix this problem!

If you have not signed up, please do. If you have, please spread the word.

Either way, please respectfully and urgently contact your legislators, the House Speaker, the Senate President and Governor Baker and let them know that you support funding a safe, reliable, 21st-century transportation network for Massachusetts. In your own words and with your own experience, explain what the lack of everyday reliable transportation means to you.

Thank you!



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