Our Vision

We have five core values affirmed by our members and partners:

  • A modern transportation system is vital to the Massachusetts economy, providing access to opportunity for everyone, in every community.  

  • Massachusetts must strive to provide a transportation network with safe, reliable, affordable, environmentally-friendly, and convenient choices to all residents and businesses, including excellent public transportation, sidewalks, and bikeways. 

  • People without cars, including youth, seniors and low-income residents, should have ready access to transportation for education, employment and fulfilling lives.

  • Transportation investments and policies, including housing and economic development, should expand mobility for all, promote opportunity, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, encourage smart growth, improve public health, and support sustainable communities.  

  • Transportation agencies must be accountable for open governance and transparent public processes, and should have the financial resources needed both to maintain our existing transportation network, and make the responsible investments necessary to support a thriving Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

And here's why we believe transportation is so critical to Massachusetts:

Transportation keeps Massachusetts competitive

A safe, reliable and affordable transportation network is essential to every person, enterprise and community. Our state’s economic success is increasingly built on our ability to attract and retain skilled workers in knowledge-based industries – workers who are increasingly drawn to walkable neighborhoods with good public transportation. Transportation investments open up new areas for development, help our Gateway Cities make the most of their workforce and other assets, and expand the number of people with access to quality jobs.

To meet these needs, Massachusetts must maintain and grow an affordable and robust public transportation system, create streets with bikeways and sidewalks, fix our roads and bridges, and develop walkable neighborhoods around transit. 

Better decisions for a better commonwealth

We must make wise choices in investing limited funds. Our coalition was instrumental in advocating for the Project Selection Advisory Council as part of the 2013 Transportation Finance Act. This public body is developing recommendations to make investment decisions that are objective, transparent, balance the needs of the entire state, and ensure that we consider public heath, climate, social equity and all modes of transportation – including walking, biking and transit – when we prioritize transportation projects.

Public transit to serve the public good

Everyone benefits from long-term investments in public transit, whether they use it or not. We work for local, state and federal policies to promote public transit, which reduces congestion and pollution, and generates a high economic return on investment. By ensuring that millions of employees, students, vacationers and customers can get to and from their destinations without overburdening our roads, we promote a safer and more efficient transportation network that serves everyone. Coming generations want convenient access to transit, so the best long-term planning includes safe bicycle and pedestrian connections to public transportation.

Safe and sound infrastructure

Our bridges and roads must be well designed and well maintained to serve all users reliably. We have hundreds of bridges that are closed,  deficient or obsolete, and which must be brought up to a safe and modern standard. All road users should be accommodated, and our road and bridge network should be funded at a level that incorporates forward-looking design and efficient travel for people using all modes, along with cargo.  Cities and towns need reliable and appropriate funding to maintain our local roads, sidewalks and bikeways.

Fixing our transportation funding

Smart public policy requires a solid financial foundation. We are working to reform the way we fund repairs and construction of our roads, bridges, and public transportation. Along with the business community, institutions, legislators and advocates from all across the state, we will continue to push for funding for Regional Transit Authorities to expand and extend service, a fair plan to address the MBTA’s debt and structural funding gap, as well as ensure adequate funding to make sure our roads and bridges are safe and can serve cyclists and walkers. 


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