Thank you, Massachusetts House!

The Transportation for Massachusetts coalition thanks the Massachusetts House of Representatives for passing milestone legislation to address the Commonwealth’s transportation crisis. The House transportation package includes new investments in local roads, the MBTA, and Regional Transit Authorities. It also creates a Commission on Roadway and Congestion Pricing to advance the conversation on our worst-in-the-nation traffic congestion.

We look forward to the State Senate taking up this legislation soon and hope that Senators will build upon the foundation of this bill to strengthen these provisions and increase investments to fix our transportation crisis.

Below are some highlights of what is included in the House package:

H.4530 An Act Relative to Transportation Finance

  • Provides an estimated $512 to $622 million in additional annual revenue to fund transportation infrastructure.
  • Increases per ride fees on single ride and luxury rides for Transportation Networking Companies like Uber and Lyft while holding harmless fees for shared rides. The bill designates these funds, estimated to be $54 million annually, to be spent equally between the MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities across the state.
  • Directs MassDOT to conduct a study on reduced or free fares for low income individuals.
  • Establishes a commission to study roadway and congestion pricing to reduce traffic and generate revenue for transit. Directs MassDOT to develop an implementation plan based on the commission’s recommendations.
  • Requires an annual transfer of $160 million to the MBTA, $15 million to Regional Transit Authorities, and $12 million for rural transit assistance.  
  • Increases the gas tax by 5 cents per gallon and the tax on diesel fuel by 9 cents per gallon, raising more than $150 million in annual revenue constitutionally dedicated to transportation investments.

To see how your State Representative voted on H.4530, An Act Relative to Transportation Finance, click here: link

H.4506 An Act Authorizing and Accelerating Transportation Investments

  • Authorizes over $18 billion in borrowing to pay for transportation investments over the next 10 years.
  • Increases Chapter 90 funding for roadway improvements for municipalities from $200 million to $300 million per year.
  • Designates funds for the municipal small bridge program at up to $70 million.
  • Designates up to $5.6 billion in funding for highway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements that are eligible for federal matching funds.
  • Designates up to $400 million in funding for railway improvements.
  • Designates up to $330 million for regional transit improvements.

To see how your State Representative voted on H.4506, An Act Authorizing and Accelerating Transportation Investment, click here: link


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