Federal Policy

Federal transportation policy and funding are essential to Massachusetts.Many capital projects and programs that support mobility throughout the state are paid for with funding the Commonwealth receives from the federal government. The current Federal law that authorizes that transportation funding (The FAST Act) expires in the fall of 2021 (though could be extended). Congress is expected to debate new legislation in 2021 and 2022. 

T4MA strongly supports prioritizing transit, active transportation, equity, and climate in federal transportation policy.  In particular, T4MA supports reforming our federal policies to focus on:

  • Prioritizing maintenance over building new highways and roads.  Nationally, road and bridge infrastructure currently has billions of dollars in maintenance backlogs.  In addition, maintenance of current infrastructure produces more jobs per dollar spent.
  • Updating the federal funding ratio between transit and highway spending to 50-50.  Currently, federal transportation policy spends 20% on transit and 80% on highways.
  • Implementing policies that focus on improving safety, designing systems to increase access to jobs and opportunities, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

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