Past Accomplishments

Five years of results

Since the coalition was formed in 2010, our members have worked together with many leaders across the state to make significant changes in transportation public policy.  Below are some highlights of what we’ve achieved together.






Responding to the need for a coalition to improve our transportation system, Transportation for Massachusetts formed as a small coalition that has more than tripled in size.





We published Maxed Out, a report detailing the dire condition of Massachusetts’ rails and roads. The report catalogued the issues plaguing our transportation system and focused much-needed attention on our statewide funding challenges.







Through grassroots mobilization, media and advocacy, our coalition successfully pushed back on MBTA fare increases and service cuts that were proposed to close a $110 million deficit. We put forward solutions to avoid hurting those who rely most on public transportation. As a result of our work with other stakeholders and leaders, the state allocated $49 million to the MBTA, and $3.5 million to regional transit authorities, to reduce fare hikes and service cuts, preserving critical public transportation options for all residents. This short-term fix was a prelude to a long-term solution.







With transportation at the top of the legislative agenda, we organized a campaign of media and advocacy to shape legislation, resulting in a landmark funding and reform bill, the Transportation Finance Act of 2013. This new law dedicated an average of $600 million per year to transportation to invest in transportation that supports our economy, our quality of life, and the environment.  Our coalition also ensured that future fare increases would be limited to 5% per year, preventing steep fare increases from affecting those who can least afford them. We also successfully advocated for a first-in-the-nation Project Selection Advisory Council to rationally and objectively prioritize transportation projects.







We established and continue to grow a robust, statewide network of municipal, business, advocacy and community leaders to ensure that transportation remains a high priority for the new legislature and administration. Our coalition helped to secure $5 million annually to fund Active Streets, which provides competitive funds to cities and towns to help residents walk, run, and bike more safely. Our coalition is working to prioritize and fund state transportation projects transparently and with the goal of creating and maintaining a true statewide, multi-modal transportation system.












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