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Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) is a diverse coalition of more than 70 member and partner organizations working together to create safe, convenient, climate-friendly and affordable transportation for everyone. We advocate for transportation funds to be spent fairly and wisely, for transportation decisions that are transparent and accountable, and to ensure that our transportation system has sufficient resources to meet tomorrow’s needs all throughout the commonwealth.

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    Voter choice on transportation projects: are we missing out?

    It's common across the United States for local voters to decide whether to fund transportation projects. In Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and many other states, cities or counties bring proposals directly to the public. Transit, roads, bikeways and more projects are often funded through locally-assessed taxes. But not yet in Massachusetts.  
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    Autonomous Vehicle Fatality: a Wake up Call

    T4MA, MassBike, and WalkBoston On March 18, an autonomous vehicle (AV) killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. Initial evidence suggests that the backup driver was distracted, and the vehicle did not make any attempt to avoid the collision. This should serve as a wake-up call. We believe that with the right policies and procedures in place, autonomous vehicle testing can be safe. However, it is clear that at least in some conditions, this is not yet the case.
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