T4MA 2021 Work Plan Central

This page has the information you need to successfully submit a proposal to receive funding for T4MA’s 2021 Work Plan.


T4MA is a coalition of 100+ member and partner organizations across Massachusetts. Our annual Work Plan coordinates a set of campaigns and activities undertaken by those members and supported by grants from T4MA to members. After submissions by members and coordination by staff, the Work Plan is approved by the Executive Committee. This year, the process has been reformed and updated to prioritize policies that advance transportation justice (read more about transportation justice here).

Please note that only coalition members may apply for work plan funding; coalition partners are affiliated with T4MA, but are not eligible to apply for funding. A list of our members and partners is here.

What T4MA Funds

Members may be funded in one or more activities that advance T4MA’s advocacy. This can include delivering a report, serving on a committee, leading a specific initiative, and more. Some recent examples of funded work include:

Your organization may submit a proposal on its own, or in conjunction with other T4MA member organizations.

Submitting a Proposal for Funding

Before you begin, please review the coalition's policy priorities that have been developed over the past few months.

Step 1: Members should complete this online form to identify the areas for which they seek funding.

  • Each organization should have one point of contact.
  • The Step 1 form lists transportation policies that have been approved through a policy development process in which all members have been invited to participate over the last several months.
  • We welcome proposals in other policy areas, but we will prioritize the listed policies. 
  • The deadline for Step 1 form submission is 12:00 PM on Friday, December 4th (this is an extended deadline).

Step 2: Members should submit a 1-2 page written description for each proposal that more specifically defines what you hope to achieve, how the work will be done, and the range of funding you request. Please use this template in Word format

  • For jointly submitted proposals, you may submit one description for multiple members.
  • The deadline for Step 2 proposal descriptions is 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 15th (this is an extended deadline).

Once you have completed Steps 1 + 2, wait for T4MA staff to contact you until you take further action.

Step 3: T4MA staff will collect these submissions and contact you and your organization for further discussion, and present a cohesive recommendation to the Executive Committee for approval.

Step 4: Following Executive Committee approval, staff will notify members of subgrant awards and next steps. 


Any questions should be directed to T4MA’s Partnerships Director Josh Ostroff at [email protected].

Thanks for participating in our work plan!


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