Winter Resiliency: a down payment on the MBTA we need

June 04, 2015

We applaud Governor Baker for announcing the MBTA Winter Resiliency Plan and see this as a good step in improving reliability for MBTA riders.  The proposed $82.7 million plan will provide new infrastructure, equipment and operations to help keep the MBTA running during winter weather by focusing on the most critical points of failure experience in the winter of 2015.

This plan is funded through $62 million in federal funding for capital investments, $10 million in MBTA capital funds and $11.7 million in operating funds.  The MBTA relies on a range of funding to support investment and operations.  The Governor’s plan will use existing federal and state transportation funding for these upgrades.

This winter, residents who rely on transit suffered delays, cancellations, and uncertainty.  We appreciate the Administration’s thoughtful and swift development of a plan to put a ‘down payment’ on critical repairs. 


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