Transportation Justice

Transportation for Massachusetts is committed to Transportation Justice.

T4MA has been seeking to more effectively integrate the principles of transportation justice in the work of our coalition. The journey to lead with transportation justice is a long, winding road that involves a conscious restructuring of how we as individuals, member organizations and a coalition, consider how transportation has both enabled the movement of some, and the segregation of others. And from our own collective experiences, we must also grapple with what becomes a priority, what becomes policy, and who reaps benefits, often at the expense of others.  Read the T4MA Transportation Justice Statement.

T4MA’s efforts have been led by our Transportation Justice Working Group, including LivableSteets Alliance, Massachusetts Public Health Association, WalkBoston, Conservation Law Foundation, and Alternatives for Community and Environment.  We are also thankful to our transportation justice partners and advocates across the state, and national organizations, such as PolicyLink, Center for Social Inclusion, and GARE, who continue to lead in racial equity and transportation justice.  

Below is a short list of resources that have guided us through the process of crafting our definition, but it is by no means an exhaustive list:

T4MA Transportation Justice Statement

Additional resources

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