Our Transportation Justice Story

T4MA is committed to Transportation Justice. Scroll down to read about our work! To learn more, please contact Angela Johnson at [email protected]

We are a statewide coalition working to improve transportation for everyone. One of our guiding principles is that transportation should not leave anyone behind.

Transportation is more than cars on the street and trains on tracks -- access to reliable, affordable, connected transportation can transform lives and create opportunity. However, disenfranchisement has been baked into urban planning since the days of urban revitalization and renewal. That’s why transportation justice is so important

Transportation Justice is a core value for our coalition. Our staff and members work every day to improve equity. Angela Johnson, our Transportation Justice Organizer, helps to coordinate these efforts.

Our Transportation Justice Working Group convenes regularly to help guide the coalition's efforts.

People in unserved and underserved communities experience real and lasting harm from poor access to transportation. It is imperative that we advocate for greater access for populations who need it most.


Our transportation justice work ranges from building enduring relationships with community organizations, to participating in state and regional initiatives to promote justice and equity, and amplifying the needs of under-resourced communities as we promote better transportation policy.

Improving Regional Transit is a key area for our coalition. Public transit is a lifeline for communities outside the Boston region. It needs to get better!

We support Active Transportation - walking and cycling - and work to ensure that these are safe and readily available options for everyone.

As transportation evolves, we work to ensure that underserved communities are a priority and are not left behind by ride sharing, autonomous vehicles, and new mobility choices.

From ACE to the WRTA Riders Advisory Committee, we work with our members, partners, and friends to promote equity, inclusion, and positive change

We are enthusiastic about forming new partnerships, working to ensure diverse voices are heard on policy, and communicating effectively about transportation justice.

Our work is multi-leveled; we build relationships, grow capacity with community groups, and make sure transportation is part of broader conversations about social justice.

In the fast-paced world of transportation, we regularly examine our work to ensure we are focused on good policy, advocating effectively, and following up on progress and results. 

We want to hear from you! Please get in touch with Angela Johnson, our Transportation Justice Organizer.


For even more information, check out our Transportation Justice Fact Sheet


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