Thank you, Kristina Egan

July 15, 2016

For five years, Kristina Egan has been a respected, effective and visionary leader to create a new transportation future for Massachusetts. We have been honored to work with her and wish her success in her new role as the Executive Director of the Greater Portland Council of Governments.


 Kristina is a strong believer in the core values of our coalition:

  • Active transportation choices contribute to healthy people and communities. Transportation policy affects public health, and the well being of every person and family.
  • Transportation choices that provide access to opportunity for everybody, with a focus on historically underserved communities. To ensure that every person in our state has access to jobs, school, social connections and a fulfilling life, we must provide better transportation access to everyone, from inner cities to rural towns.
  • A clean transportation system that address the biggest challenge of our generation: a changing climate. Transportation has eclipsed power generation as the largest source of greenhouse gasses. Solving climate change is imperative. We cannot make transportation policy choices without weighing the impact on our environment.

These are big jobs! They highlight the interconnectedness of our work. They won't be finished by one person, or even one coalition. But they must be done. That's why this work matters to everyone.

Kristina Egan has set a good course, and with her talent, convening nature and strength of conviction has empowered people all across Massachusetts, and beyond, to take on these challenges in pursuit of a more just, equitable and resilient commonwealth. She's a great leader.

On behalf of all of our staff, members, allies and supporters, thank you Kristina, for a tough job well done.


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