Take Action to Support Transportation!

June 30, 2015

The state legislature is now considering Governor Baker's MBTA reform legislation. The bill goes beyond the MBTA, and involves all transportation, in communities all across the commonwealth.  Whether you take the T, drive, ride a regional bus, walk or cycle, this legislation matters to you. Please take action today to ask your State Representative and House leaders to support key priorities. 

As we have learned over the years, transportation investment matters to everyone: workers and businesses. Boston and the Berkshires. Cyclists and walkers, truckers and drivers, students and professionals.  If you live or work in Massachusetts, you have a reason to take action on this legislation.

It is very important that you tell your representatives that the legislation must...

Maintain statewide transportation funding for the MBTA and other transportation agencies. We can't go backwards on funding for transportation. The MBTA Special Panel was clear: we need reform AND revenue - not reducing spending by hundreds of millions as recently proposed, if we are to fix the T, improve regional transit, repair local roads, upgrade deficient bridges and build safer bikeways and walkways.

Keep MBTA fares affordable and predictable by supporting the 5% fare increase cap: affordable transit is good policy. MBTA fares have doubled since 2000, and fare recovery is now consistent with industry standards. Fares can increase every two years under the 2013 compromise. A larger increase should be part of a larger revenue debate.

Support Regional Transit by allowing Regional Transit Authorities to reinvest funds they raise independently without jeopardizing state support, and to spread capital investments over multiple budget years.  The legislature should support these common sense ideas from the Joint Committee on Transportation.

Please show your support by writing and calling key representatives today. Your voice matters! Click here to take action.


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