T4MA Congratulates Governor-elect Maura Healy

November 10, 2022

Statement from Transportation for Massachusetts regarding Governor-elect Maura Healey, the approval of the Fair Share Amendment, and the Work and Family Mobility Act.

November 10, 2022 - "Transportation for Massachusetts congratulates Governor-elect Maura Healey for her historic victory as the next governor of Massachusetts. Governor-elect Healey’s campaign led on creating a safer, more accessible and equitable transportation system in Massachusetts, and we look forward to working with her administration to advance this work as she begins her tenure as governor.  

With the passing of Question 1, the Fair Share Amendment, it is clear the voters of Massachusetts want an improved transportation system. This new revenue will support the Commonwealth in making a down payment on the decades of underinvestment in our statewide transportation network infrastructure. We look forward to working with the legislature and advocating for thoughtful spending on upgrades to our public transit systems, understanding public transit is a lifeline for numerous residents to access services, jobs, healthcare, and economic opportunities – all the things that make Massachusetts a welcoming place to live and work. The new revenue will also allow us to create safer streets for residents to reduce and hopefully eliminate traffic fatalities and repair our roads and structurally deficient bridges – all of which is long overdue. 

Massachusetts voters also want safer roads for some of our most vulnerable road users by the passing of Question 4, keeping the Work and Family Mobility Act in place. Keeping the right for immigrants to obtain drivers licenses by testing and carrying insurance not only means that immigrants can legally drive to places they need to go, it also means more folks on the road know the rules and both people inside and out of the car are kept safe on our streets." 


Transportation for Massachusetts is a diverse statewide coalition of more than 100 member and partner organizations that advocates at the state, federal, and local levels for transportation policies that are just, innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

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