T4MA Statement on FTA Safety Report

August 31, 2022

T4MA Statement on the FTA Safety Management Inspection Report

August 31, 2022 -- MBTA riders deserve a system that is safe and reliable on a day-to-day basis, but that also looks to the future with long-term improvements. The Federal Transit Administration report makes clear that the Baker Administration and MBTA leadership have instead created a false choice between capital and operations funding -- shortchanging operations and diminishing rider and employee safety.

Our leaders – the Governor, the MBTA and its board, the Department of Public Utilities, and the state legislature – need to make an immediate course correction. We urge our partners in state government to maintain the focus on capital investment, which is urgent and overdue, but not at the expense  of rider safety and public confidence.

Major safety upgrades to the Orange Line, as well as new Orange and Red Line cars, show that we can plan for day-to-day safety and long-term benefit – often at a short term cost to rider convenience. The MBTA must act with urgency to staff and maintain a reliable transit system. The legislature must demonstrate political will and provide increased funding for overdue capital investment and responsible operational budgets.

We are grateful to the FTA for digging into issues that for too long have been neglected, and to the MBTA workers who have continued to serve riders day after day with dignity.

  • Joshua Ostroff
    published this page in Blog 2022-08-31 13:42:44 -0400


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