Statement: Director Kristina Egan on Senate Vote

April 13, 2013


“ Tonight the Senate took a positive first step towards addressing the state’s long-standing transportation problems. As passed, the bill makes progress by closing yearly budget shortfalls and begins to address our significant maintenance backlog. However, it does not provide sufficient funding to move our transportation system into the 21st century. The bill’s revenue projections are too optimistic and the total funds insufficient. It will burden drivers and transit riders with unreasonable fare and toll hikes. It will take a long time to realize the revenues projected from the legislation, leading to further delays in important safety and public transportation investments.

We urge the conference committee to take the next step and ensure we rely on solid revenue sources that kick in faster.  Several promising ideas for better and more revenues emerged during today’s Senate debate that will be considered during conference. We hope the conferees will agree on the strongest possible bill.

The legislation passed tonight is one step of many that we need to take to fully address our commonwealth’s transportation problems.  Many Senators worked with us to improve the proposal that was considered today, and we are grateful for their hard work and leadership.”