Contact Your Legislator

The State Legislature and Administration must provide leadership to properly fund and ensure oversight of our statewide transportation network.

The 2013 Transportation Finance Act was a good start, but we have not yet committed the financial resources needed to maintain the transportation systems we have today, let alone build what will be needed to grow our economy in the years to come. We must anticipate growth to be competitive as a state, and to keep up with increased demand.

We encourage you to contact the Governor and your legislator to respectfully let them know that you want to see transportation fully funded with sufficient and stable revenues, and that our dollars should be spent wisely to provide you with the transportation choices you need. We suggest that you to share the stories of your travel experiences and how it affects your lives.

Click here to find out who your legislators are and send them a letter about improving transportation in your area. Click here to contact Governor Charlie Baker. We encourage you to be courteous and concise in writing to elected officials.