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February 06, 2015

By now, you’ve seen plenty of articles, pictures, and tweets about the MBTA’s breakdown in this week’s snowstorm, along with mammoth traffic jams, detours and delays across the state. After many years of underfunding transit maintenance, upkeep and upgrades, a crisis like this was bound to happen.

Our elected officials need to hear from residents frustrated with the state’s massively underfunded public transit system. Will you add your name to the growing list of MA residents who want reliable and safe public transportation, roads, and sidewalks?

For workers, students, families, seniors and visitors all across the state, our MBTA and regional transit service must be improved and maintained to operate regardless of the weather. Winter conditions have exposed the worst of our transit systems, but regular riders know that we face unreliable bus and train service every day. Can you sign our petition and make sure the Governor and state legislature hear your voice?

Our public transit systems get us to school, to work, and back home to our families. Let’s take this opportunity to remind our elected officials that our state deserves a transportation system that can weather storms. Sign our petition to request sufficient funding for transportation.

Buying a Charlie Ticket should not be like buying a lottery ticket and getting around safely and on time should never be a game of chance. With the support of thousands of residents all across Massachusetts, we will succeed in making investments to improve and maintain the trains, buses, roads, sidewalks and bikeways that we rely on for our daily lives.

Thank you for making your voice heard.


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