The public is ready for transportation leadership. See the latest research from The MassINC Polling Group.

Learn more about the “Reopening and the transportation system” public opinion survey


  • Support for big changes to transportation is large, and growing.

  • New transportation revenue sources have majority support

  • The public supports low-income transit fares

  • The public supports reimagining our streets and sidewalks

As House and Senate conferees work on the Transportation Bond Bill, we urge bold action on policy and revenue to solve our statewide transportation crisis.

  • The transportation status quo is a roadblock to recovery.

  • Vehicle pollution is a public health crisis.

  • Carbon emissions are creating a climate catastrophe.

  • Unjust transportation is a barrier to opportunity.

Read five recommendations for the Transportation Conference Committee


Let’s move forward with transportation legislation that recognizes these challenges. It’s Our Move, Massachusetts.


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