Investing in Public Transit for the Long-Term

Monorail Monday - From a Moving Bus
Express Monorail / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Millions of people in Massachusetts rely on public transit every day to get to jobs, school, job training, health care providers, and other parts of our lives like shopping. The demand for public transit is growing, which is straining the system today and causing congestion on the system and people to return to their cars. People also want to bike and walk as part of their commute but find that there are not adequate bikeways or sidewalks to make these choices safe.

Transportation for Massachusetts advocates for state and federal policy solutions to improve the current transportation system. These policy solutions should support our public transit system to meet current needs and future growing demand. We also need to invest in our sidewalks and bikeways so that with a better public transit system, we can present residents with affordable, safe, and convenient transportation choices while reducing the congestion on our roads, buses, and subways. A better transportation network with high quality choices for getting around will improve our economy, our quality of life, and our health.

The focus of Transportation for Massachusetts for 2013 is to educate the public and policymakers about need for a long-term, sustainable funding solution for transportation. If the Legislature does not produce a funding solution, our transportation system will fall further into debt and disrepair, which will weigh down our economy and the financial well-being of families and the working poor.

Transportation for Massachusetts is advocating for a comprehensive transportation network of good roads, buses and train service that includes bikeways and sidewalks for people in all parts of the commonwealth.

The commonwealth needs to take action in the next Legislative session to create a long term revenue solution that will ensure that residents have safe and affordable choices today and into the future.