Improving Transportation Decisions

Transportation for Massachusetts works to ensure that federal and state taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and benefit everyone in the state.

Decisions about transportation investments have a direct impact on the lives of residents and our communities.  Decisions about how money into our transportation system is spent should be prioritized on whether residents of all economic backgrounds from all parts of the state benefit equally from the investments. Transportation money is limited and we believe that a major priority should be spending these dollars in a way that promotes economic opportunity for all through the availability of affordable transportation choice.

Transportation for Massachusetts works to improve the project selection process to ensure that public transit, transit-oriented development, biking, and walking get a fair share of the funding that will be allocated to transportation.  Another priority should be the impact on the state’s work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our environment.

A clear example of this kind of direction on public spending is our work in pushing for the implementation of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s GreenDOT policy directive, which commits the state to reducing greenhouse gases from transportation