Our Campaign

Transportation gets us where we need to go. Here in Massachusetts, we need a 21st century transportation system that works for us. Our current transportation system is financially unstable and poorly maintained. We can fix this.

Transportation for Massachusetts is calling on the state to raise new revenue for our transportation system, invest those revenues fairly and wisely, and make all spending decisions transparently and with accountability. We are guided by our priorities of providing access to safe, affordable, and accessible transportation choices that will create opportunity for all residents, improve our economy, and reduce global warming pollution.


RAISE IT: For a real fix

Underfunding our transportation system has placed it deep in debt and disrepair while people are finding it harder to get around. This can’t continue.

For a real fix:

  • It’s all on the table. All revenue options must be considered, from tolls to payroll tax to fees for miles driven.
  • It must be enough. We need adequate resources to stabilize, maintain, and modernize our transportation network.
  • Let’s fix it for the long-term. We need stable funding that is dedicated to transportation, doesn’t fluctuate year-to-year and will get us through the next decade.
  • It can’t hurt. Any source of revenue that places a greater burden on low and moderate income people must have a solution to lessen the impact.
  • It’s got to be local. Regions should be able to raise revenue for local transportation needs.


INVEST IT: Wisely and fairly

A transportation system that can’t serve the needs of all residents won’t do for our Commonwealth. We need to invest our dollars to create more choices so our transportation system improves our economy, quality of life, and environment.

Investing wisely and fairly means:

  • Getting our financial house in order, first and foremost. We must stabilize the finances of MassDOT, the T, and the regional bus systems by ending the damaging cycle of paying for daily operations with mounting debt.
  • Improving the system. We have to maintain the system that we have so that it’s safe and reliable. And we need to modernize the system so our economy can grow.
  • Making public transportation work for people. Build up our bus systems in all parts of the state so people can better get to jobs and their daily needs. Ensure that all people can afford to take public transportation by creating a statewide discount fare rate for lower-income people.
  • Choices matter. Our top priority for enhancing our network is to improve public transportation, sidewalks and bikeways so we reduce global warming pollution and improve public health.
  • We’re all in this together. Since all parts of the state pay for transportation, all regions should benefit fairly from spending.


WATCH IT: So it’s spent the right way

We need to make sure that new revenues are spent the right way, in the right places, and at the right time so we never find ourselves in this transportation crisis again.

We can improve how decisions are made:

  • Accountability creates confidence. Decisions on transportation should be transparent, efficient and held to priorities and performance standards set by the public and our leaders.
  • Communities count. People in all communities and all parts of the state should be heard early on and throughout the decision making process.


Transportation for Massachusetts is looking for real solutions that change the way that transportation decisions have been made in the past. We all rely on our transportation network to get us to where we want to go. Together, we can make it better. Together, we can fix it.