Open Letter to the Legislature from Organizations Concerned about Transportation

An open letter to members of the Massachusetts Legislature:

Representing a wide range of constituencies and interests, we have come together from across the Commonwealth behind a single goal: Prompt enactment of legislation that provides sufficient funds and performance standards for a statewide transportation system that can meet the needs of the Bay State’s people, communities and businesses for the next generation. We commend Gov. Patrick for identifying transportation as a top priority and we fully support Speaker DeLeo’s call for expeditious action on a stand-alone transportation funding and reform bill.

While details of upcoming legislation are to be determined, the stakes are already clear: continued job creation and economic growth in every region of the state depend upon an adequately funded and well-managed transportation system. We need legislation that dedicates transportation revenues to transportation purposes to operate, maintain, and modernize roads, bridges, and transit systems across the state. Such legislation will require sufficient new revenue as well as provisions to assure that these funds are well spent.

We know that supporting enough additional revenues to meet statewide transportation needs, whether from taxes, fees, or other sources, is a tough vote, especially in uncertain economic times. But we urge you to act on this rare opportunity to stabilize the funding and improve the performance of the Massachusetts transportation system to support our economy and our communities for generations to come.


Full letter, including list of organizations: Transportation Funding Support Statement