• Transportation for Massachusetts Urges the MBTA to Extend Late Night Service Pilot
    — The MBTA late night program is an important transportation option for the Boston region and deserves careful consideration. At a time that the MBTA is being comprehensively reviewed, we recommend extending the pilot test for 6-12 months to obtain additional information and explore opportunities for sponsorship. Read More
  • Statement on Governor Baker’s proposed FY 2016 budget
    — The Governor’s proposed budget provides modest increases for transportation funding over last year’s appropriations, but proposes $15 million less for the MBTA than the 2013 Finance Act anticipated for FY16 and $30 million less in snow removal funding than the average annual amount expended over the past 5 years. A substantial commitment of state resources is necessary to protect our transportation system and the jobs that depend on reliable and safe mobility. Read More
  • 10,000 names and counting up! See you on March 4th!
    — Thanks to everyone who has signed our petition for safe and reliable transportation. The commonwealth depends on affordable and dependable mobility. Please join us at the State House on Wednesday, March 4 at 10AM (arrive at 9:45) for a rally and to deliver our petition to the Governor and legislators. Mayor Joe ... Read More
  • Presentation to MBTA Caucus: Keeping on Track/MBTA Finances
    — Transportation for Massachusetts briefed more than 40 lawmakers on our latest progress report for the Transportation Finance Act, and reviewed financial information on the MBTA. We encourage discussion and debate based on good information. Read on to learn more and see our report and presentation. Read More
  • Statement on Governor Baker’s MBTA Special Panel
    — Transportation for Massachusetts, a statewide coalition supporting affordable and reliable transportation for a more prosperous Commonwealth, welcomes the Governor’s creation of the MBTA Special Panel as a positive step towards improving public transportation service provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. We expect the panel’s collective experience and expertise will provide the ... Read More
  • Keeping On Track: Our Second Progress Report on 2013 Transportation Finance Legislation
    — The second Keeping On Track progress report on the 2013 Transportation Finance Act has been released, and shows progress in many areas, under-budgeting for snow and ice removal, and ongoing concerns about the lack of adequate resources to modernize and maintain our critical statewide transportation network. Read the second progress report Read More
  • Thank you, Dr. Beverly Scott
    — We appreciate the leadership, energy and vision that Dr. Beverly Scott has brought to the job of MBTA General Manager. She has been a tireless advocate for bus and rail riders. We at Transportation for Massachusetts thank Dr. Scott and wish her all the best. Read More
  • 2000 names. One broken system. Let’s fix it together.
    — 2000 names and counting on the petition to fund safe, reliable transportation. Please sign up, spread the word and contact state leaders who are responsible for a transportation system that is worthy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Read More
  • Sign up to support safe and reliable transportation!
    Please sign our petition for safe and reliable transportation!

    Please sign up to ask the Governor and State Legislature to support funding for safe and reliable transportation. The winter weather has exposed a longstanding weakness in our critical infrastructure, and your voice is important to solving this problem. Read More

  • Welcome to the Berkshire Community Action Council
    — Our newest coalition member is the Berkshire Community Action Council, a Western Massachusetts agency with a mission to assist low-income, elderly and working-poor of Berkshire County towards achieving sustainability and self-sufficiency. BCAC has offices in Pittsfield, North Adams and Great Barrington. Transportation is a vital issue for everyone, nowhere more so than ... Read More
  • We welcome new members to our coalition!
    — Transportation for Massachusetts welcomes five new members to our coalition to support transportation investment and excellence all across the commonwealth: 495/MetroWest Partnership, Berkshire RPC, Community Economic Development Center, Coastal Trails Coalition and Hilltown CDC. Read More
  • Transportation for Massachusetts Statement on Boston’s Bid for 2024 Olympics
    — We share the pride of many residents that Boston has been selected as the U.S. candidate to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games. We also share the concerns of many residents that the Olympics may divert urgently needed resources and attention away from the region’s and state’s challenges. While there are many questions ... Read More
  • Statement on Appointment of Secretary Pollack
    — Governor Baker’s appointment of Stephanie Pollack as Secretary of Transportation shows the Governor’s commitment to reform, and to making transportation policy and project decisions based on good information and in the interests of the entire commonwealth. Our ability to compete and thrive as a state depends on a robust transportation network, and we acknowledge the ... Read More
  • Welcome to the Baker Administration
    — Transportation for Massachusetts looks forward to the leadership of the Charlie Baker Administration. Our priorities are shared in The Next MassDOT, a summary of recommendations to keep the commonwealth moving forward. Read The Next MassDOT. Essential reform, adequate revenue and expanded choice are the top line issues. We are enthusiastic to ... Read More
  • Innovative planning for a connected future
    — Excellence in planning is vital to our success as a commonwealth and a country. Recognizing this, our national partner, Transportation for America, has recently published The Innovative MPO: Smart Planning, Strong Communities. Read More
  • Statement on Ballot Question 1
    — In approving Question 1 on November 4, we are disappointed that Massachusetts has lost an important funding source that would have helped to build and maintain a safe and reliable transportation system across the Commonwealth. We are proud of the legislature for taking last year’s courageous vote to provide needed funding after years of delayed ... Read More
  • Vote No on Question 1 to Remove Barriers for People with Disabilities
    — Question 1 will restrict urgent funding needed to upgrade our transportation network so everyone can get around. For dignity, opportunity and fairness for people with disabilities, and for their families, friends and communities – which is everyone in the commonwealth - let’s defeat Question 1 on November 4. Read More
  • Don’t Give Up Vital Transportation Funding
    — On Nov. 4, voters will choose a path that affects our roads, bridges, transit systems and economy. We urge you to vote No on ballot question 1.

    Here’s why. Our transportation network – the streets and sidewalks, trains and buses, and the bridges, highways, tunnels and tracks we rely on every day – is in disrepair. Not all of it, but far too much.

    Inadequate, unreliable transportation harms every one, every day, in MetroWest and across the Commonwealth. Traffic jams. Detours. Crowded trains. Infrequent buses. Bad roads that cause car repairs. And lost opportunity, because business expansion requires access for employees, customers and freight.

    That’s all real, but it’s not the worst of it. Read More

  • Save the Date: Capital Ideas on November 13-14
    — Our national partner Transportation for America is hosting a state policy conference on November 13-14 in Denver, CO. Make plans now to attend Capital Ideas: Raising money for transportation through innovative state legislation to learn what states around the country are doing to develop support for transportation investments. Register ... Read More
  • Complete Streets Funding Announced
    — MassDOT has announced funding for the Complete Streets Certification Program, which was advocated by members of the Transportation for Massachusetts Coalition. An initial investment of as much as $5 million will help communities design and implement projects that support healthy, livable transportation solutions. Read More
  • Candidate Transportation and Smart Growth Questionnaires
    — Links to all responses to our candidate questionnaire. Read what the next governor has to say about transportation and smart growth. Read More
  • Jeff McCormick on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — The last word in our series of questionnaires by candidates for governor is from independent candidate Jeff McCormick. Thanks to all participating candidates for their interest in these vital issues. Read More
  • Steve Grossman on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — Treasurer Steve Grossman answers our questionnaire about critical issues on investments and policy to create a stronger commonwealth. Read More
  • Now hiring: Outreach Fellow
    — Transportation for Massachusetts is hiring a full time Outreach Fellow to support our coalition’s work on transportation and smart growth policies and advocacy in our Boston office. This position will support the work of the statewide coalition and the work of our national partners, Transportation for America and LOCUS. Read More
  • Mark Fisher on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — Thanks to candidate Mark Fisher for answering our questions about transportation and smart growth, related issues that will require leadership from the next governor. Read More
  • Evan Falchuk on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — In his response to our questionnaire, Evan Falchuk of the United Independent Party provides his thinking on the transportation and smart growth priorities for the next administration. Read More
  • Martha Coakley on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — Third is a series of gubernatorial questionnaire responses on vital issues for the next governor of the commonwealth. Read More
  • Don Berwick on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — Second in a series of responses by candidates for Massachusetts Governor to our candidate questionnaire. Read More
  • Charlie Baker on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — First in a series of responses to a ten-part questionnaire developed by our coalition. Seven candidates replied and all responses will be published. Read More
  • T4Mass Members Weigh in on Question 1
    — Recently, Tim Brennan, Executive Director of T4Mass member organization the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, appeared on WLLP 22News’ inFocus to discuss Question 1, a ballot initiative that would repeal gas tax indexing. Read More
  • Measuring Up: More Bang for the Buck in Transportation Project Selection
    — Over 70 leaders from all across the commonwealth and the United States attended a conference on July 16 at the Dukakis Center at Northeastern to understand the important issue of Performance Measurement and Project Selection. This landmark event was cosponsored by Transportation for Massachusetts and Transportation for America. Read More
  • Moving Massachusetts Forward – now online!
    — If you couldn't make Moving Massachusetts Forward, the candidate forum we co-hosted with the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance, you can still watch this great event online... Read More
  • Moving Massachusetts Forward: a Gubernatorial Forum on Transportation and Smart Growth Moving Massachusetts Forward: a Gubernatorial Forum on Transportation and Smart Growth
    — Be sure to attend or watch this informative candidate forum on Wednesday, June 4 at the Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston Street in Boston, moderated by Doug Foy and Paul McMorrow. To register or view the live stream, click here. Co-sponsored by the Read More ... Read More
  • Guest Blog: T4MA member MPHA discusses our collective victory securing $50 million for Complete Streets
    — Victory in the House – $50 Million for Complete Streets! Late last night, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to approve a new Active Streets Certificate Program funded at $50 million over the next five years! The action comes after a year of intensive advocacy and organizing by MPHA, the Act FRESH Campaign, the Metropolitan ... Read More
  • Statement on Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray’s announcement that they will seek repeal of the software tax
    — Statement of Transportation for Massachusetts Director Kristina Egan on Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray’s announcement that they will seek repeal of the software tax We are deeply concerned about the plan to repeal the sales tax on software services without a permanent replacement. This tax was a significant part of the recently-passed transportation package ... Read More
  • Blog: Transportation Funding in Sight
    — The collective focus on transportation over the last year — by the governor, the legislature, the business community, and advocates — is truly unprecedented. While the pending transportation funding bill does not have the level of revenue needed to address all our statewide transportation needs, it sets a strong foundation on which we can build.  ... Read More
  • BLOG: Sharing Our Roads, Meeting Our Vision
    — Our friends at the MassInc Polling Group recently conducted a poll for WGBH, asking people to think about how we share our roads. You can see their initial analysis below, cross-posted with permission from their blog. In thinking about the 21st century transportation system that we want in Massachusetts, ... Read More
  • Blog: Building up momentum to reinvent regional transit
    — Monday, April 29, 2013 Letter from MassINC and Transportation for Massachusetts capping off a series of recent forums on regional transit held in Gateway Cities across the state.   Dear Friends: First off, thank you. With your participation, our series of forums on the importance of investing in regional transit was a success. From our ... Read More
  • Blog: What the People Really Want
    — By Kristina Egan March 18, 2013 If you just listened to talk radio or read certain columnists, you would think people in Massachusetts are opposed to contributing anything toward maintaining and modernizing our transportation system. But that’s just not the case. Truth is, when you listen to Massachusetts voters, you find out they’re willing to ... Read More
  • Blog: Active Transportation is the Road to Wellness
    — ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION IS THE ROAD TO WELLNESS “The Way Forward” for Public Health  The environmental movement has taught us that it’s a lot less harmful, difficult, and expensive to prevent toxins from entering the environment than to treat the problems poison creates once it is in our bodies and our world. Even our medical system, ... Read More
  • Blog: Let’s Make It Last: Investing our Transportation Dollars Wisely
    — Rafael Mares Conservation Law Foundation Since Governor Patrick proposed his plan to raise revenue for transportation and education, a lot of time has been spent on discussing the merits of the revenue sources he has chosen. In comparison, relatively little time has been devoted to how such money should be spent. The great American humorist ... Read More
  • Blog: Left out in the cold
    — Last week, right after the governor and MassDOT released their vision for the future of transportation, Father Time and Mother Nature made the problems facing our underfunded transportation system very real for commuters. An old wire in the Arlington T station started to smolder. It caused the entire Green Line to shut down at the ... Read More
  • Blog: The week that moved transportation forward
    — What a week for transportation in Massachusetts! Governor Patrick released hard numbers on the cost to fix and modernize our transportation system and a plan for building a 21st century transportation system. Governor Patrick passionately reminded us how transportation moves our economy and can improve our daily lives.   The ... Read More
  • Blog: Beverly Scott Makes it Plain
    — By Kristina Egan Last week, in an interview in the Boston Globe, the new GM of the MBTA Beverly Scott made it plain to the Legislature: Create sufficient funding for the MBTA or it will be forced to raise fares and cut service. The MBTA is facing a $133 million deficit in FY 2013 – ... Read More
  • Blog: The time to change our future is right now Blog: The time to change our future is right now
    — We are a broad coalition of 30 organizations, representing tens of thousands of residents, and are committed to building a 21st century transportation system for Massachusetts. Our members are focused on different causes - from social justice to economic development to the environment- but we all see transportation as vital to Massachusetts and our shared future. Read More