Measuring Up: More Bang for the Buck in Transportation Project Selection

Over 70 leaders from all across the commonwealth and the US attended a conference on July 16 at the Dukakis Center at Northeastern University to understand the important issues of Performance Measurement and Project Selection. This landmark event was cosponsored by Transportation for Massachusetts and Transportation for America. Thanks to the attendees and participants for making this event a success, and moving this important discussion forward at the local, state and national levels.

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Presentation by Beth Osborne, Senior Policy Advisor at Transportation for America
Presentation by Steve Heminger, Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the SF Bay Area
Presentation by Hayes Morrison, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure for the City of Somerville

Transportation for Massachusetts conference handout

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Related Information

WeMove Massachusetts: Planning for Performance

  • The recently completed long-range plan for MassDOT is the first, multi-modal long-range transportation plan for state transportation investments in Massachusetts
  • The section on Scenario Planning & Performance Management (pp. 17-29) describes the work of the Office of Performance Management and Innovation. The office was created through the Transportation Reform Act of 2009 when the single, multi-modal agency MassDOT, was formed.
  • The Scenario Planning & Performance Management (pp. 17-29) section describes the “Planning for Performance” tool that was used to forecast performance and condition of the various MassDOT transportation assets under different funding scenarios.
  • The plan includes investment scenarios forecast for years 2023 (the target year for the Administration’s The Way Forward investment plan) and 2040 (MassDOT’s long-term planning horizon year). The funding scenarios presented are based on the pre-2013 finance bill funding levels and the current funding levels afforded by the 2013 revenue bill that are providing $900m more each year.

The Way Forward: A 21st Century Transportation Plan

  • MassDOT prepared the document to identify transportation priorities for a ten year period (2013-2023) and to hold public hearings to identify longer-term transportation needs. The longer term investment priorities are included in the WeMove Massachusetts: Planning for Performance plan that has a horizon year of 2040.

Keeping on Track: Our Progress in Reforming and Funding Transportation since Passage of the Massachusetts Transportation Finance Act of 2013 (2014)

  • The report analyzes the first 6 months after the implementation of landmark legislation that provided new funding and institutional reforms to the transportation decision-making process in Massachusetts.

Delivering the Promise: Improving the Performance of Massachusetts Transportation Agencies (2013)

  • The report reviews progress by MassDOT in achieving reforms called for in the Transportation Reform Act of 2009, and makes additional recommendations based on best practices in other states.

Measuring Performance in the Federal Transportation Program: A Path to Progress and Accountability (2011)

  • A call for action to USDOT for performance-based management of the federal program.
  • The white paper also includes a summary of current applications for performance measures

Performance-Based Planning & Programming Guidebook (2013) from the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA)

  • A tool-kit and best practices summary for applying performance-based planning and programming methods

Guide to Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures (2011) from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • A tool-kit and best practices summary of performance measures being used by states and regions to support sustainable communities

Performance-Based Approach to Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Transportation Planning (2013) from the Federal Highways Administration

  • A tool-kit and best practices summary of transportation planning strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

50 State Review of State Legislatures & Departments of Transportation (2011) from AASHTO & National Conference of State Legislatures

  • The report offers a national perspective on primary trends and policy implications, while also providing state-specific data and analysis.
  • page 88 includes a brief profile of MassDOT, including the institutional structure and how funding transportation funding works at the state level in Massachusetts

Measuring Transportation Investments: the Road to Results (2011) from the Pew Center on the States & Rockefeller Foundation

  • A national summary of performance management trends and an assessment for each state DOT on developing and applying performance measures. Outcomes analyzed: access, jobs & commerce, infrastructure preservation, mobility, and safety