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Gov. Charlie Baker's MBTA Control Board has proposed significant fare increases: single rides could go up 10% and monthly passes even more than 10%. The challenges at the MBTA stem from years of underfunding and neglect, and they do need to be addressed. But making public transportation run less and cost more is not the answer!

Sign our petition below to Gov. Baker and his Control Board. Tell them that Massachusetts residents deserve a public transportation system that is affordable and reliable.


Dear Governor Baker and the Governor’s MBTA Control Board members,

As you develop recommendations to fix the MBTA, we ask you to protect people who ride the MBTA.  We need affordable and reliable public transportation.

Please maintain the current levels of service on bus, subway, rail, and other lines.  Limit fare increases to no more than 5% every two years.

People in Massachusetts have suffered enough from the MBTA's problems. The last thing we need is for the cost of riding the T to go up and the routes and hours to be cut. Don't punish people who take public transportation.

When fares increase and service is cut, it's harder to get to school, work, and medical appointments. People of color, the elderly, and low-income people are among those of us most hurt.

By the same token, when public transportation is affordable and reliable, more people ride. This leads to reduced congestion, less air and climate pollution, improved public health, and a stronger economy.

Fixes to the MBTA should not include punishing riders with reduced service and higher fares. We ask you to protect us by maintaining current service levels and keeping the T affordable. 

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