Letter: Transit system must serve all who depend on it

By: Ingolf

The fact that the MBTA’s ridership remains steady despite the recent fare increase points to the fact that many people depend on public transit to get to their jobs and where they need to go (“T riders on board despite fare hike,” Metro, Aug. 31). As the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority looks to another possible fare increase to help close its $150 million budget gap, the Legislature and the administration need to work together in the next session to ensure that our public transit system serves current and growing demands.

We must work toward a public transit system that serves all who depend on it. A telling fact in the article is that ridership for The Ride is down after the doubling of the fare. The MBTA says that the cost of the service, which is mandated by law, is causing the sharp increase in the fare. However, we cannot allow seniors and those with disabilities to be isolated and not have access to public transit.

The numbers on ridership tell the tale. We need to maintain and grow our transit system to keep up with our desire to grow our economy, while ensuring that all who depend on public transit have access to affordable and convenient options today and into the future.

Kristina Egan

Transportation for Massachusetts
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