Priority Transportation Legislation for 2021-22

HD.1818/SD.1200 An Act relative to Mass save for vehicles

  • This bill directs DOER and DOR to study best practices and study financial incentives for purchases of electric vehicles, including e-bikes, and the installation of residential electric charging stations. It proposes administering these incentives under the popular Mass Save program.

HD.2249/SD.1340 An Act relative to commuter transit benefits

  • This bill aligns state pre-tax transit commuter benefits with federal pre-tax transit commuter benefits, bringing Massachusetts in line with 47 other states that do so. The bill also expands eligible benefits to include RTA passes, bicycle-commuting expenses, and bikeshare membership as an eligible reimbursement.

HD.2425/SD.1849 An Act to reduce congestion and encourage shared rides

  • This bill increases per-ride fees on transportation network companies (TNCs) to put fees in line with other municipalities and states around the country. Revenues are dedicated to municipalities, the Commonwealth Transportation Fund, the MBTA, and RTAs. This bill also provides for additional data collection from TNCs to better understand and manage congestion. A similar (but not identical) version of this language passed the Legislature in the 2019-2020 session, but was vetoed by Governor Baker.

HD.2469/SD.1548 An Act expanding access to commuter transit benefits offered by employers

  • This bill requires companies of more than 20 employees to offer pre-tax commuter benefits for transit and biking.

HD.2655/SD.815 An Act relative to regional ballot initiatives

  • This bill allows municipalities to raise local revenues to fund local transportation projects. Regional Ballot Initiatives are widely allowed across the country to enable and protect the use of local funding for local projects.

HD.3278 An Act relative to low income transit fares

  • This bill directs the MBTA and RTAs to study and implement a low income fare structure. An identical version of the language passed the Legislature in the 2019-2020 session but was vetoed by Governor Baker.

HD.3312/SD.2232 An Act to increase regional transit accessibility in the Commonwealth

  • This bill provides for Regional Transit Advancement through a designated funding source for RTAs, expansion of the RTA Council and its responsibilities, enhancement of support for RTA capital projects, and support for electrification of RTA buses.

HD.3848/SD.2316 An Act relative to transportation governance

  • This bill would establish a new MBTA Board of Directors to permanently replace the Fiscal and Management Control Board, which expires on July 1, 2021.

HD.3905/SD.2317 An Act relative to transportation and environmental justice

  • This bill builds on the Transportation and Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) and enhances key equity provisions in this multi-state program. It codifies the percentage of proceeds from TCI-P that must be invested in environmental justice communities and establishes the makeup and responsibilities of the Equity Advisory Body.

SD.2315 An Act creating a New Deal for Transportation in the Commonwealth

  • This comprehensive and transformational legislation filed by Senate Transportation Chair Boncore includes numerous policies to improve our transportation system, including additional revenue, bus and rail transformation, a congestion pricing commission, low income transit fares, MBTA governance and more.

Other Bills T4MA is Supporting:

HD.1159/SD.1066 An Act promoting zero-emission vehicles

  • This bill establishes a low-and-moderate income electric vehicle rebate program for new and used electric vehicles, authorizes funding for the MOR-EV program, identifies priority locations for charging infrastructure, and requires utilities to submit proposals for time-of-use rates.

HD.1305/SD.2322 An Act to promote electric vehicle fleets by 2035

  • This bill set target years for 50%, 75%, and 100% electrification of public vehicle fleets (transit, state, municipal) and private vehicle fleets that serve a public purpose (school bus fleets, vehicles leased by state or local agencies).

HD.1396/SD.2303 An Act relative to electric bicycles

  • This bill defines electric bicycles (e-bikes) in the General Laws to allow for statewide regulation.

2144/SD.1320 An Act relative to public transit electrification

  • This bill sets interim and 100% electrification targets for the MBTA (including bus, commuter rail, and ferry) and RTAs.

HD.3550 An Act establishing automated bus lane enforcement

  • This bill would enable camera enforcement by municipalities for driving and parking in bus lanes or bus stops.

HD.3677/SD.1415 An Act relative to a resilient transportation system

  • This bill directs MassDOT and the MBTA to do a cost assessment to determine the total cost of making our transportation system climate resilient. The bill requires the MBTA to determine adaptive service capacity in the event of future climate risks, and prioritizes climate resiliency investments in the Capital Investment Plan.

In addition to the bills listed above, T4MA is tracking a number of other bills that deal with transportation in a live spreadsheet available here.

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