Innovative Planning for a Connected Future

December 23, 2014

Excellence in planning is vital to our success as a commonwealth and a country. Recognizing this, our national partner, Transportation for America, has recently published The Innovative MPO: Smart Planning, Strong Communities.

This guidebook sets forward the important work of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and what they can do to make our cities and towns more vital, healthy and successful. Register today for your own copy!

Every community in Massachusetts is served by an MPO, or by a regional planning agency (RPA) that functions as an MPO. A tip of the cap to one of our 40 member organizations, thePioneer Valley Planning Commission, whose work was highlighted in this report.

What’s inside? The seven areas of focus in the Innovative MPO guidebook are:

1. Create an effective and visionary Long-Range Transportation Plan
2. Engage communities in regional decision making
3. Fully utilize all available funding tools
4. Use data to make smart investments
5. Provide technical assistance and collaborate with local communities
6. Make freight work for regions
7. Going beyond transportation

Check it out today! And consider joining Transportation for America to help advance prosperity locally and across the state.


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