Background Sources for Revenue Estimates Based on Current Conditions

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Current Gas Tax Revenue Estimates

Current revenue estimates are based on overall fuel consumption from prior years and calculated based on current Massachusetts fuel taxes while incorporating current driving levels.  According to MassDOT statewide mobility data, which is updated weekly, current driving/vehicle-miles-traveled levels are down approximately 16-23% of pre-COVID levels which would reduce revenue from the reduction in consumption and driving.


Massachusetts RMV Fees

Massachusetts RMV Fees are set annually by the Secretary of Administration and Finance as set out in Chapter 7 Section 3B of the Massachusetts General Laws and include a broad array of annual and biennial fees for vehicles in the Commonwealth.   Below is a list of current fees and the MassDOT report to the legislature outlining their revenue sources for the Commonwealth Transportation Fund.


TNC (UBER and Lyft) Fees

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities reported that there were 90 million individual TNC rides taken in 2019.  This would have generated $90 million in revenue if the per ride fee were set at $1 per ride as Governor Baker has proposed.  Lyft reported a 60% decrease in riders year over year in the second quarter of 2020 compared to 2019.  UBER reported bookings (rides booked by the app) declining 73% year over year.  


For more information and background on these numbers please contact Pete Wilson at [email protected]

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