How would you spend $14 billion?

April 22, 2016

The MassDOT/MBTA draft Capital Investment Plan (CIP) is out for public comment, and your voice matters as Massachusetts decides its transportation spending priorities. 

Over the next five years, Massachusetts will spend over $14 billion to repair and improve our transportation network. The CIP sets out the investments in things: fleet, tracks, stations, roads, bikeways, bridges and facilities. Read about it here. (Please note that services - how often RTA buses run, for example - are in separate operating budgets, and not part of this plan.)

Here's a snapshot:

  • What's good: this is an integrated plan and includes investments in all modes of travel, all regions, and with the benefit of past public input. 
  • What needs work: Massachusetts must have a bolder vision for mobility, and it must measure our needs versus available resources. Many transformative projects that will move Massachusetts forward, and a full repair of our aging transportation network, are not part of this plan.
  • What you can do: you know that our rails, roads, bikeways and bridges urgently need help. The Capital Plan must reflect our transportation priorities. On May 23, the MassDOT Board will approve a final plan. We encourage the public to weigh in!

Here's how: MassDOT has set up a schedule of 15 meetings all across the state for you to share your ideas. Please attend and make sure they hear from you on your priorities—and bring a friend! If you can't go in person, please send an email no later than May 13.

Why does this all matter? Because transportation is much more than tracks and trains and cars and lanes. It's access to opportunity, essential to our climate, vital to our economy, and necessary to health.

In the coming days, our coalition will have more to say. With the Capital Conversations starting on April 25, we encourage the public to participate.


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