Transportation For Massachusetts Applauds Commuter Benefit Provision

March 10, 2016

Transportation for Massachusetts, a statewide coalition of 58 member organizations working for a modern transportation network, applauds the Commuter Benefit provision in recent federal legislation that will ensure permanent parity for public transportation and bike commuters.

We are grateful for the leadership of Representative McGovern for his work to provide all commuters with fairness in allowing pretax deductions for commuting expenses. For much of the past 25 years, automobile commuters have enjoyed a disproportionate benefit, providing an incentive for drivers and leading to congestion and pollution. Parity is important so that people and employers can make commuting choices that are best for them.

We also acknowledge the excellent and sustained advocacy of Commuter Benefit Works for Us, the Association for Commuter Transportation, and MassCommute, the coalition of Massachusetts Transportation Management Associations (TMAs).

Employees are significantly more likely to use transit as a result of this legislation, according to research by TransitCenter.

This is a milestone achievement to promote individual commuter choice and sound transportation policy, and we thank the Congressmen and his colleagues for their diligence. We look forward to working with the state legislature to ensure that Massachusetts is fully aligned with the benefit parity.


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