Statement on FY 2016 State Senate Budget

May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015

With the passage of the FY2016 State Senate budget, Transportation for Massachusetts appreciates the work of the Governor and the Senate to find common ground that serves as a foundation for investment and reform to build a better MBTA.  Affordable, reliable, accessible and adequately-funded public transit is critical to the success of the region and the entire Commonwealth.

The compromise is a great step forward.  We appreciate the bi-partisan spirit in which the agreement was forged. The State Senate approved a budget that will provide the Governor with increased control over the MBTA, enabling the Administration to implement much needed reforms to improve accountability, transparency, and customer focus. 

The budget also preserves important provisions of the 2013 Transportation Finance Act. These include ensuring that fares increase regularly, predictably and affordably, providing needed contract assistance to the MBTA, and providing new funding to meet statewide transportation needs.  

We urge the budget conference committee and the Governor to prioritize rider interests and protect transportation revenues to deliver a 21st century transportation network for Massachusetts that supports economic opportunity, social equity, full accessibility, public health and climate-friendly travel.

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