Boston Herald: Expand South Station

March 4, 2013

First of all, in the governor’s transportation plan, an overwhelming amount of the funding would go to operate and repair the transportation system and much less would go to expansion or modernization (“No choice, really?” Feb. 27). This is hardly “wild transportation dreams” as characterized by the Herald.

Second, the expansion of South Station is vital to the economy. The delays on commuter trains from the south cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity and force people into cars, causing even more congestion on Route 3 and Interstate 93. Connecting more people from the South Shore and South Coast to Boston will create greater access to jobs and boost the economies of these regions and the city.

The Herald can have its points of view on the amount of money to spend on transportation, but it should not dismiss the impact of delays and lack of service on the people and communities of the South Shore and South Coast.

— Stephen C. Smith, Taunton

The writer is executive director of the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.


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