Governor Baker on Reducing Transportation Pollution

November 02, 2018

Addressing transportation and climate change is a critical issue for Massachusetts now and in the years to come. That's why on November 1, we were glad to see Governor Baker support a market-based, regional approach to reducing pollution from transportation, the largest source of carbon emissions in Massachusetts.

As the Governor noted, carbon credits have been successful in reducing emissions in the power sector while also strengthening our economy. A similar regional solution for transportation emissions could support modernization of our transportation system, as well as projects that protect Massachusetts from climate change, which the Governor stated as a top priority for a potential second term.

We look forward to Massachusetts being a leader, in partnership with other states, in reducing transportation pollution, and along with it, the incidence of asthma and respiratory issues that pollution causes.

Watch the clip from the Gubernatorial debate here (starts around 2m15s): 

Learn more about T4MA's support for transportation and climate solutions:

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