How Smarter Tolling Can Help Bus Riders, Too

August 14, 2018

Better transportation means better bus service on the MBTA and on our 15 Regional Transit Authorities. And every bus rider knows that traffic is an impediment to good, reliable service. So if we want better public transit, we need our roads to work better, too.

The MBTA’s #111 route, serving Revere, Chelsea, and Boston, is the third busiest in the T’s system. It’s a lifeline for some of the most transit-dependent communities in Massachusetts. And traffic congestion is an enormous problem for #111 riders: it can take 45 minutes or more for the bus to go 2.7 miles, as it crawls over the Tobin Bridge and through congested streets.

The Boston Globe is shining a light on this problem. And we are shining a light on a solution.

Smarter Tolling on the Tobin Bridge could reduce peak hour congestion enough to improve the commutes of #111 riders, and all who depend on the Tobin to get to work and school. Check out and share our new video (narrated by Chelsea residents) on how a modern approach to traffic and tolling can improve the lives of people who rely on transit.

There's a Spanish-language version, too.


To learn more about the benefits of Smarter Tolling, visit our traffic page.

Thanks to Chelsea residents Lisa Santagate and Maria Belen Power for narrating the English- and Spanish-Language versions of the 111 bus video.


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