Ten Things You Should Know

December 01, 2017

We are excited to be working on transportation issues that matter to everyone in Massachusetts. Our commonwealth’s future depends on a robust, affordable, and environmentally friendly transportation network. This is an important time for transportation. Here are ten things that we have been up to lately:

1. Policies for Better Transportation

Our staff and members have been working with state leaders to support smarter investments in transportation infrastructure and services, from our public transit agencies to MassDOT to cities and towns to the federal government. From our cities to the suburbs to rural Massachusetts, better transportation is our goal. 

2. New Revenue to Support Modernization

We are working on the Fair Share Amendmentlocal ballot question authority, protecting federal funding, and more. See this recent article by Chris Dempsey that sets out priorities for a proposed Transportation Finance Commission.

3. Transportation and Climate

With transportation now the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, we are highly engaged in transitioning to clean transportation, and are working closely with state leaders and advocates to ensure a transition to carbon-free transportation.

4. Transportation Justice

Ensuring access to opportunity for all is a key part of our mission. Working alongside our members and community-based organizations, we champion policies and projects that ensure transportation choices for disadvantaged communities all across Massachusetts.

5. Innovative Mobility

The technology revolution is disrupting transportation. Our staff and members are working to ensure that the emergence of ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles does more benefit than harm to people and environment. Our Fast Forward report is a milestone, and we are advancing our work in this area with the Fast Forward 2017 conference on the morning of December 4 in Westborough.

6. Congestion Reduction

Traffic congestion is a significant drain on our quality of life, the environment, and the Massachusetts economy. We are working with MassDOT to advance some innovative approaches to reducing congestion without adding roadway capacity.

7. Technical Training

In partnership with Transportation for America and the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies, our Transportation Leadership Academy is training dozens of local leaders across the state in the tools and methods used to maximize the return on transportation investments while prioritizing safety, the environment, social equity, and economic development.

8. Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

As a member of the Vision Zero coalition, we work to promote policies that reduce the risk of death or injury for people who travel on bicycle and by foot. This is an urgent health and safety issue with policy implications: people will not choose to bike or walk when and where it is unsafe.

9. Building Advocacy Capacity

As part of our work, we are working with our members and partners all across Massachusetts on new training and organizing initiatives to help people and groups throughout Massachusetts advocate more effectively for new transportation. Let us know if you want a briefing for your organization!

10. Getting the Word Out

2018 will be a pivotal year for transportation in Massachusetts, and we are getting the word out about what all of us – ordinary citizens, state and local leaders, civic partners – can do to make a difference. We have stepped up our media profile and have much more to do to focus attention on what transportation can, and should be in Massachusetts.

How You Can Help:

So, we have been busy. Here's where you come in! We are so grateful for your tax-deductible contribution, and your timely assistance to support our work towards a better transportation future for the commonwealth.


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