Federal Policy

Federal transportation policy and funding is critically important to Massachusetts. Many projects and programs that support mobility throughout the state are funded with federal dollars. The recent transportation authorization law (The FAST Act) will provide funding certainty for the next several years, but was only passed after years of contentious delays, and the bill does not raise any money through the federal gas tax, nor is it a transformative bill.

As a nation with a history of national leadership on transportation - from canals to railroads to interstates to mass transit - we must be focused on investment, innovation and results if we are to regain our competitive edge.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, infrastructure was a relatively central topic. President Trump has proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure package, but the details have not been released, and the bulk of the plan may be corporate tax credits. Between preserving existing funding programs for public transportation, roads, and bridges, and ensuring that any new spending is done responsibly and strategically, it will be important to closely monitor federal transportation policy in the months to come.

What you can do

  • For the latest news, sign up for updates from our national partner, Transportation for America. T4A is a national coalition that combines national, state and local perspectives and expertise to advance a robust transportation agenda.
  • Recognizing that states such as Massachusetts are laboratories of innovation, Transportation for America has a robust State Advocacy Network that includes members from all across the United States.
  • Check out the T4A Maps & Tools page for reports on innovative practices, performance measurement, bridge safety and much more.
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Let's work together to use national, state and local resources to modernize transportation in Massachusetts!



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