About T4MA

Who We Are

Transportation for Massachusetts is a diverse coalition of organizations working together to create safe, convenient, and affordable transportation for everyone. We advocate for transportation funds to be spent fairly and responsibly, for transportation decisions that are transparent and accountable, and to ensure that our transportation network has sufficient resources to meet tomorrow’s needs all throughout the commonwealth.


Our Focus

An efficient and reliable transportation system is the foundation for a strong Massachusetts. The quality of our roads, transit, bike paths and sidewalks has a direct impact on all residents, businesses and communities. Improving our transportation network will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing low-carbon transportation choices.  Better transportation options also open economic opportunities for people without cars, such as youth, many seniors, and low-income residents. More choices improve public health by completing streets with bikeways and sidewalks, and help create walkable neighborhoods around transit that are in sync with tomorrow’s needs.


Our Work

The member organizations of our coalition represent tens of thousands of people who drive, take transit, walk, and bike.  This diversity and strength, coupled with the deep expertise of our members in transportation, economic development, health, and the environment, gives Transportation for Massachusetts a unique role in advocating for lasting, positive change for a stronger commonwealth. Our publications, reports and communications are focused on sustainable, accountable and equitable transportation policy. 

We work with the legislature to support laws that provide adequate revenue for transportation with appropriate accountability and reform. We work with the administration to ensure that we set priorities in line with tomorrow’s needs. And we work with local and regional leaders and transportation advocates across the state to identify and support the projects and priorities that are essential to support thriving communities.



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